Our work has appeared on KCTS/9’s “Serious Money,” in Sunset Magazine, Seattle @Home, This Old House Magazine, Alaska Airlines Magazine, The Daily Journal of Commerce, Northwest Home & Garden, Westsound Home & Garden and Structural Engineer Magazine, and in exhibitions on sustainable design at Seattle’s Department of Planning and Development and at AIA Seattle. Several of our projects are featured prominently in the City of Seattle’s Green Home Remodel series. We’ve been talked about locally in articles in The Seattle Times, The Seattle Press, The Issaquah Press, and The Stranger, as well as farther afield in The Rochester Democrat & Chronicle, Arizona Republic, San Diego Union Tribune and Providence Sunday Journal.

articles by others…

  • “Weighing the Green of Green,” Kirsten DeLara, Seattle @home, Summer 2007 pp 38-51, An article on the financial aspects of green building, with quotes from Rob Harrison, Jon Alexander and others, illustrated in part by photos of Lavender Farm.
  • ManSpace: A Primal Guide to Marking Your Territory, Sam Martin, a book by Taunton Press, October 2006. Featuring the Barbat-Harrison Green Roof Garage.
  • “Green Roof Gardens,” Kathleen Byrne-Barrantes, Westsound Home & Garden, Fall 2006, pp 82-84. Illustrated by photos of the Barbat-Harrison Green Roof Garage, and Sproull-Radke Green Roof Workshop.
  • “Green Dream,” Jennifer Haupt, Northwest Home + Garden, March/April 2006, pp 50-57, 95. Harding Home, AIA Home of the Month.
  • “Green Garage,” Sarah Jio, Northwest Home + Garden, March/April 2006, pp 30-32. Barbat-Harrison Green Roof Garage.
  • “Planted Roofs in the Pacific Northwest, Two Projects by Rob Harrison AIA” Dimensions, March 2006, pp 8-11. Barbat-Harrison Green Roof Garage, Sproull-Radke Green Roof Workshop.
  • “Vacation Homes,” Scott Holter, Northwest Home + Garden, July/August 2005. p 30. Chiwawa River Cabin.
  • Seattle Public Utilities, Green Home Remodel: Healthy Homes for a Healthy Environment, 2005. photos of Thein Durning Renovation.
  • Seattle Public Utilities, Green Home Remodel: Healthy Homes for a Healthy Environment – Roofing, 2005. pg 10. photos of Barbat-Harrison Green Roof Garage.
  • Seattle Public Utilities, Green Home Remodel: Healthy Homes for a Healthy Environment – Painting, 2005. pg 7, 8. photos of Mount Baker Kitchen Renovation and Medina Kitchen Renovation.
  • Seattle Public Utilities, Green Home Remodel: Healthy Homes for a Healthy Environment – Hiring a Pro, 2005. pg 3. photos of Thein Durning Renovation.
  • “It’s Easy Being Green,” Wendy Laird, Northwest Home + Garden, Winter 2003. Features the Thein Durning Renovation, titled “A green home for a green family”
  • “To Walk on Light,” Claudia Glenn Dowling, photos by Lynn Johnson, This Old House, July/August 1996. Maria Ruano’s beautiful made-in-Fremont recycled glass tiles, with a photo of the bath of our project Queen Anne Urban Retreat.
  • The Business Enthusiast: “Building a Future,” Tina Kelley, Alaska Airlines Magazine, April 1997. An article on the Environmental Home Center, quoting Rob Harrison, with photos of Queen Anne Urban Retreat.
  • Roger’s Home Journal: “The EcoBuilding Guild advocates a sustainable future,” Roger Farris, The Seattle Press, July 16-29, 1997. Including profiles of Guild members Chris Stafford, Jon Alexander and Rob Harrison.
  • “It’s lush and plush, but is your CARPET healthy?,” Sandy Flanagan, The Issaquah Press, October 22, 1997, Home & Garden section. Tips to help homeowners avoid exposure to chemicals and allergens, quoting Rob Harrison.
  • Feature: “Perfect Life: Pretending to be Rich at the Street of Dreams,” Trisha Ready, with photos by Rob Harrison, computer treatment by Lisa Orth, The Stranger, September 25, 1997. Trisha and Rob visit the Street of Dreams…and end up talking about The Poetics of Space (one of our favorite books) and the idea of The Street of Greens.
  • Construction Industry Spotlight: “Seattle Home Tests Sustainable Products,” Lucy Bodilly, The Daily Journal of Commerce, December 4, 1997. Featuring innovative aspects of our second story addition in Mt. Baker.