The Mount Baker second story addition was an addition to a Craftsman bungalow in the Mt. Baker neighborhood in two phases, the last completed in 1998. The owners wanted their exact house (which they loved as it was), except with two stories…to accommodate a growing family.

A secret passage connects the new baby girl’s room to an attic room. At some point she’ll discover a tiny door in the back of her closet…. The boy’s room features a window across from his best friend’s in the neighboring house, to facilitate string and can telephone conversations.

Homes, Gaston Bachelard says in The Poetics of Space, provide settings for daydreams and reverie, to which the inhabitant returns later in life. This is one way of establishing a strong connection to the places we live, which leads to caring for them, which leads to staying in our communities, which leads to decisions made on many levels that will help preserve the landscape and ecology of a place.