Design Questionnaire

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We’ve outlined our aspirations for the work we do in our own “manifesto.” Our goal is to make a place for you that fits like a glove, works like a charm, and doesn’t cost you more than you want to spend. Our cards are on the table – now it’s your turn!

At the link below you can sign up to download our comprehensive design questionnaire. It will let you tell us all about what you have in mind for your project. Your responses will serve as an initial guide for us in coming up with a design that is right for you. More than anything else it will get you started thinking about your goals and priorities, and make it easier for you to make decisions when the time comes – with any architect you work with.

The more you can tell us about who you are, what you do, how you do it, and what your dreams are for this project, the better we can serve you. Good communication is the key to a successful project. We refine our questionnaire based on our clients’ feedback, so let us know what you think. It’s meant to cover a wide range of projects – from a new house for multiple generations of a family in the country to a remodeled kitchen for one person in the city – so adapt the language of the questions, and your answers, to your situation. Have fun!