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All of our work is based in “lyrical sustainable design”: conserving energy and resources, using healthier materials and finishes, reducing long-term costs, and making poetic places. We work with consultants, contractors and suppliers who share our values. This results in a convivial, collaborative design and construction process.



We have been in business for over thirty years (since 1984), with the last twenty-three years in Seattle (since 1992) devoted to sustainable design, and the last six years (since 2009) to Passive House (Passivhaus). Each of the more than seventy built projects produced by the firm over the last twenty-three years has demonstrated many aspects of resource conservation, energy conservation and healthier building. Each project has exceeded energy code requirements by wide margins, in both building envelope and mechanical systems, and in several cases pioneered the use of new energy-saving technology in Washington State. Each project has incorporated reused materials, materials with recycled content and materials from certified sustainable sources. Full-line job site recycling has been implemented on every job. Each project has used materials and finishes that consider the health not only of the inhabitants of the buildings, but of the workers who produce and install the materials, and of the ecosystems from which they are derived.


design poetics

We believe design poetics are at least as important as the green materials and techniques we specify. We strive to make places that our clients will love. We look for ways to connect the places we make with the cycle of the seasons - a perfect analog of sustainability and a direct connection to nature. We tune a place to its surroundings by investigating the cultural, aesthetic and spiritual aspects of the site and context. We look for the architectural equivalent of the appropriate “ecological niche” for a given project.



We have excellent relationships with the contractors with whom we work. We take pride in designing buildings that take the real-world processes, tolerances and costs of construction into account. Many of our consultants, contractors, subcontractors and suppliers are members of the Northwest EcoBuilding Guild and/or share our interest in green architecture.



Our commitment to environmental and social ethics is reflected in our office management as well as our office itself. Harrison Architects has qualified as a “Distinguished Business in the Green” through King County's Green Works program, which recognizes businesses that are leaders in the effort to prevent waste, recycle, and use recycled products. The design of our office uses many of the materials and techniques we employ in our projects.


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